Six Types of Orgasms

•    Simultaneous orgasms. This is when a man and a woman come together at the same exact moment. Although Hollywood portrays simultaneous orgasms as commonplace, they're hard to achieve in actual life. Usually, the man needs to be able to hold off until he's 100% certain that the woman is coming, then let go and hope.

Most couples don't regularly have simultaneous orgasms and don't miss them. "When you come together," one married couple told me, "you don't get to enjoy the other person's orgasm because you're so focused on your own." A couple may take turns: sometimes the woman comes first, other times he does. Some couples find it easier to put the woman's orgasm first. According to Ben, 24, "Once I come, I want to relax, so if I don't make her come before I do, it's not gonna happen."

•    Multiple orgasms. There are a lot of myths surrounding multiple orgasms. Basically, multiple orgasms occur when a person has two, three, or more orgasms in quick succession (not when orgasm occurs more than once in a single sex session).

They're more common in women than men (in whom a multiple orgasm doesn't mean ejaculating multiple times but rather triggering successive feelings of orgasm in the brain). Women are slower to arouse than men but stay at their "plateau" level for longer, which means that continued stimulation after the first orgasm can trigger another.

Only 13% of women actually experience multiple orgasms, while researchers suggest that the number of women able to have multiple orgasms might be as high as 33%. If a woman's clitoris is highly sensitive after orgasm (continued stimulation causing her pain), then she probably isn't a candidate for multiple orgasms.

Clitoral orgasms. Lest I open a wide debate on the existence of clitoral or vaginal orgasms, let me say that most women find that the experience of coming from clitoral stimulation, as opposed to vaginal stimulation, is highly distinct. Clitoral orgasms are much more concentrated and powerful. Vaginal orgasms, on the other hand, are much more diffuse and spread in waves throughout the body. Both types of orgasms are equally pleasurable, but the clitoral orgasm is the easiest to achieve.

Almost every woman can come with clitoral stimulation, whether it be by hand, tongue, vibrator, or friction with the penis. Sexual positions which allow clitoral stimulation often feel better to a woman than those in which her clitoris doesn't get any stimulation at all.

You can supplement thrusting with clitoral stimulation to increase your partner's chance of orgasm. For example, if you're having sex doggy-style, try reaching under and stimulating her clitoris with your free hand.

Vaginal orgasms. These are orgasms achieved through penetration or insertion of fingers or a dildo into the vagina. Only a little over a quarter of women can have vaginal orgasms with no additional clitoral stimulation. This means that three out of four women need more than the old in-out, in-out to come.

Vaginal orgasms are often triggered by stimulation of the G-spot, which is an area rich in nerve endings on the upper wall of the vagina (towards the belly), two to three inches from the opening. More on this later. (You'll also learn about the fabled A-spot, which, when stimulated, hugely turns on 95% of women.)

Solo orgasms. Solo orgasms are often quicker than coming with a partner, because you can focus on exactly what feels good, and there's no give-and-take involved. However, solo orgasms can feel less satisfying for some.


Masturbation always has a place in a healthy sex life, whether you're with a partner or not. For women, masturbation is even more important. Women who masturbate regularly often find it much easier to come with a partner. They are more in tune with their bodies and better able to guide their partners to their hot spots. In fact, masturbation is an essential tool for women who still haven't managed to achieve the "big O."

• Oral orgasms. Some people feel that orgasms achieved through oral sex have a different quality than orgasms achieved through other means. They may feel more focused and powerful.

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