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Discover The Tantus G-Force A Perfect Solo Toy That Tilts Towards The G-Spot And Gives You The Reach That Most Dildos Don't Have

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Tantus G Force is available in three colors: Black, Candy Pink and Wine. Each sold separately. The adventure begins! This handled toy fits perfect in your grip and feels good within you, too. The G-Force is a perfect solo toy that tilts towards the G-spot and gives you the reach that most dildos don't have. Its length brings variety; it can be used solo or with a partner, and by both him and her. The G-Force is made from a harder silicone to provide more stability to compensate for its length. The G-spot is located behind the pubic bone, at a 12-o-clock position 1 to 3 inches back. It's often called the Urethral sponge but in essence it's the female prostate. When stimulated it emits a thin fluid with prostate-specific antigens. This fluid helps sperm swim up into the uterus. It's also the fluid that emits when women ejaculate. Silicone Dongs from Tantus Silicone. Sparks, Nevada. G-Force made in the USA. New image added January 28, 2013. -old