Ten Benefits to Orgasms

Regular orgasms will give you and your partner:

•    A happier mood.

Not only do orgasms relax you completely and give you a small window of respite from the distractions of daily life, but they also affect a woman's hormones in a positive way. According to Gordon Gallup, a psychology professor at the State University of New York, women may actually get powerful mood-boosting effects from sex. A hormone found in semen, prostaglandin E1, is absorbed through the vaginal walls and may have an antidepressant effect. In his study, he found that the women who had regular unprotected sex actually reported being happier than women who had protected sex or no sex at all. Though the research was inconclusive and certainly should not be used to argue for unprotected sex (which increases the risk of STDs and pregnancy), it has opened up a wide field of study on the effect of sex on mood.

•    Improved muscle tone.

Not only does the act of sex itself burn calories (150 per half hour) and strengthen the abdominal and core muscles, but the muscle contractions that accompany orgasms are excellent exercise. Orgasms are great for the cardiovascular system, due to the increase in blood flow and deep breathing. In fact, during sex, your heart rate increases to 150 beats per minute, putting it squarely in your cardio zone. Sex clearly belongs as part of a healthy exercise routine!

•    Control appetite.

Regular orgasms can help you lose weight by burning calories and regulating your appetite. Sexual stimulation triggers the production of a natural amphetamine called phenetylamine, which helps control your appetite so that you don't give into junk food cravings.

•    Better sleep.

After orgasm, your blood pressure drops, and you feel complete relaxation along with the euphoria of endorphins, allowing you to coast naturally into a sound sleep. The relaxation benefits are so powerful that some even consider sex a "natural tranquilizer."

•    A better sense of smell.

This is one fact about sex that few people are aware of. Sex stimulates the production of a hormone called prolactin. This hormone creates an improved sense of smell by causing new neurons to develop in the brain's "smell center." Smell is related to sexual desire in a number of ways: pheromones are considered to attract members of the opposite sex, and researchers have even suggested that people can "smell" when a partner is a good genetic match.

•    A stronger immune system.

If you want to stave off sickness, lower your risk of heart disease, and boost your immune system, have sex at least three times a week. The link between sex and a reduced risk of heart attack or stroke has been well documented. Sex offers many other medical benefits. Right before orgasm, the level of a hormone called DHEA spikes. DHEA is a "wonder hormone" which is essential to a variety of healthy body functions. Studies have also found that regular sexual activity increases levels of immunoglobulin A—an antibody that boosts the immune system—by a third. If you have a cold but can't make it to the drug store, then the adrenaline released during sex can act as a natural antihistamine.

•    Regular menstrual cycle.

Having sex at least once a week not just normalizes a woman's menstrual cycle, it also increases her estrogen levels. Estrogen increases her good cholesterol and decreases her bad cholesterol, in addition to protecting against osteoporosis

•    Pain relief.

Orgasms have been proven to provide powerful relief for migraine headaches, arthritis, even whiplash! That's because orgasm releases endorphins which act as natural opiates, giving you a higher pain threshold. (And sex is a great cure for menstrual cramps as well!)

•    Longer life.

A study of 1000 middle-aged men in Britain found that those who had at least two orgasms a week had less than half the death rate over the next

ten years of those who reported fewer orgasms. Does sex increase your lifespan? It's certainly doesn't help to try!


Your partner will be happy to know that sex can actually make you look younger, too. A Scottish study found that sex four to five times a week can make you look 10 years younger than someone who has sex only twice a week. This may be due to the hormones (testosterone for men, estrogen for women) released during sex.

• A stronger relationship.

Best of all, sex cements the bond between two people in a relationship. Levels of a hormone called oxytocin surge three to five times higher than normal just before orgasm. Oxytocin, which also helps release endorphins, is called the "bonding hormone," which may explain why partners feel so connected during sex.



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