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Don't use a Magic Wand without one!
"Magic Wand" is definitely the way to describe it! Don't miss out! Definitely A MUST-HAVE attachment to have to go along w/, of course the "Gee Whizzard Hitachi Magic Wand.!!! If this is the first 'product of it's kind' in your home, you'll be starting out w/ the best!...
Date Added: 07/23/2016

Hitachi's Magic Wand massager is a great item to have around the house - it's a great massager, and a great vibrator. But, if you want to get full enjoyment out of the thing, then you MUST buy this attachment!...
Date Added: 07/12/2016

Oh my god!
"Gee Whiz" is worth the price, HOWEVER I am extremely pleased with the product!
Date Added: 11/11/2015

Solid Product
This is my favorite attachment for the Magic Wand. I think I have 3 others but I rarely use them since this does the trick! The ability to vary pressure with the nubs helps to control the intensity. The softness of the material helps with comfort. Would be nice if they made it with a little more girth though....
Date Added: 04/02/2014

Just Right
The Gee Whizzard is a really good addition to the Hitachi Magic Wand. Its pretty heavy and solid feeling and really does the job. I do have the trigasm and that gets me where I want to go much quicker and is so much cheaper. But the GW is great!...
Date Added: 02/13/2014