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WOW! The Best Fucking machine
all I can say is 'wow'. I love this thing. I'd been wanting to buy a fucking machine for years and had been trying to figure out how to build one since they were all so expensive. When I saw this one on sale, it finally seemed reasonable so I pulled the trigger, all I can say is 'wow'....
Date Added: 05/05/2017

awesome sex machine
awesome machine, great quality, i love it!!
Date Added: 05/05/2017

pleasure is all yours
Worth it, tried it out for the first time today and had hours of fun. It is exactly what it say's it is, was delivered in a discreet package, assembly was easy. I don't know why I waited so long to buy it....
Date Added: 02/28/2017

I ordered the universal adapter and the F-Machine. These are my thoughts after using it for a few weeks. 3XToys: There was an error in my order email and thought there was an issue with the shipping. I left a message and sent an email late afternoon on Friday. Gio called me 5 min later – really surprised to be speaking to a real live person so quickly (and quite friendly at that). Explained my issue, he checked and called me back 15 minutes later with a corrected tracking info. Fast, professional and friendly. Would do business with them again without hesitation. Packaging: Comes well packaged in a styrofoam protected box shipped within a regular cardboard box. The advertising on the inside box is a bit indiscreet with large images clearly showing the use of the device, so had to chuck it out. A black robo-bunny box would have been perfect and discreet – but they chose something quite a bit more graphic. 3XToys might want to offer us the carry bag for the device. I think I might get it if it becomes available. Setup: Setup takes a few minutes with the provided tools. Simple and easy even for a klutz. Comes with a set of simple tools and an extra fuse for almost any possible repairs you might have to do on the unit. Build Quality: Nicely built device and quite solid. Very quiet (almost silent) unless you have running at a very high speed. You’re moaning will cover any possible sound the machine will make. Easy to assemble and take apart if needed. Dildo: It comes with a cheap 8” dildo that I threw out with the packaging. If you’re looking at this device, then take a few minutes to look up the Doc Johnson Bombshell Red series. Invest in a few well-chosen toys to really make this machine shine. In the end, I prefer most of the 10” series over the 7”. The 7” are easier to take at high speed, but lubrication becomes an issue. The larger toys take more patients and are more fun at slow speeds. The B-10 Tango is just incredible. With a bit of finagling, I managed to get Belladonna’s Hand setup on the universal adapter, and it was (as of now) the best trip I’ve taken in quite some time. Please Doc Johnson, make us a Vac-u-Lock version of Belladonna’s hand. You can play with the depth of motion and the speed. Start slow with minimal depth until you feel comfortable with the machine. Use plenty of corn-starch in the vac-u-lock plug on your toys to prevent damage as you pop them on and off. Position: I’ve only used the machine in a sort of relaxed doggy style. You can use the machine just as a holder for your toy without any motion from the machine as you work away on your toy. Depending on how high you setup the machine on its legs, it’ tends to wobble quite a bit. I solved this by making homemade sandbags using cut jeans pant legs and kitty litter. Once it’s weigh down like that, you can go to town on it and it won’t budge at all. The motor is quite strong, and even when I have to exert a certain amount of...
Date Added: 12/21/2016