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I'd rather buy the Aneros!
This item arrived as described -- and it came very fast in the mail. No complaints there, or with the company. But I WILL say this: You get what you pay for! This device has two major issues: 1 is the ridge on the outside where the plastic was molded together. 2 is the strange, zig-zag shape. This is not ergonomically designed AT ALL. Its very odd. Imagine trying to slide a zig zag up your wazoo. Its a task in itself, I tell you! Not only that, but its near impossible to get any kind of prostate stimulation with this thing. I have used cooking-utensil handles with better effect than this. It just seems to ...sit there...once inserted in the designated area, and doesn't do much else, no matter how much participation and effort I put in. I was horribly let down with this one. But then again...just 12 bucks... ive had fried chicken meals that cost more than this thing. The epitome of cheap! If you are trying to watch your cash, you might as well go for the real deal: THE ANEROS! Its more expensive, but in the long run its better. It will bring more pleasure, and it wont end up as a 12 dollar floor accessory like this thing will. I will have "bought" an Aneros already by the time I wasted trying other things trying to save a penny. Might as well fork the cash over, and sit back an ENJOY what money can buy!

....but it looks pretty... LMAO
Date Added: 01/22/2014