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J'ai de grandes espérances avec ce petit bidule
Date Added: 03/08/2017

This thing is awesome. If anal sex feels anything like this does I think I would be a huge slut. I've never bought a "sexual aid" before... now I wish I would have had one of these for years! Try putting this thing in and walking around the house and doing chores for awhile. It's almost impossible to stop from getting an erection. Just buy this thing. You won't regret it. No you are not gay if you put this thing in your butt. In fact, I would wager that having this thing in ya while having sex with your wife/girlfriend would be *awesome*....
Date Added: 08/03/2014

Perfect for me
I've used this product on my own during masturbation and also with my g/f during sex. This product is easy to use. Just use plenty of lube. No real pain or discomfort when inserting. You will feel it reach a certain point then when you relax and contract the toy will pull itself fully inside and rest right on your prostate gland....
Date Added: 03/18/2014

Love it, love it, love it!!!!
I am hetero married male. When shopping for toys, I was always deterred by the higher cost of Aneros products... I mean why pay $40 for something when there is a $10 plug available. It's not like you can return these things, so you want to know you're not out a lot of money if it's not what you're looking for. Well, in short, you get what you pay for, and I should have sprung for this years ago.This is more of a medical device, where you will reap lifelong benefits from practice than a sex toy to get off with. To summarize the benefits I've recieved after a few weeks of use are; decrease in premature ejaculation, reduced problems with 'shy bladder' and when I pee I feel like I can fully empty, improved hemrriods, muscle tension reduction, stronger orgasm, larger erection, and more pleasurable sex....
Date Added: 03/06/2014

Great item, it will enhance your sex life, every guy should try this item. No your not gay if you like it...
Date Added: 02/24/2014

Takes some mental and physical practice, but WOW does it make everything intense when you figure it out. Highly recommended. Have your significant-other learn how to use it too....
Date Added: 01/17/2014