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Amazing. :)
It is quite realistic and fits into harnesses easily. The texture is soft almost velvety. The curve allows for some surprising additional pleasure. This brand specifically has a great line of options. You really can't go wrong with any option you get. The box was discreet and didn't have any labeling around it. Which was my biggest fear!...
Date Added: 08/18/2017

The wife absolutely loves it
The wife absolutely loves the texture and size!! It brings her hours of pleasure during the times my job keeps me away from home....
Date Added: 05/15/2017

Nicolas Boutin
My gf seems to really like it ;)
Date Added: 12/28/2015

Worth the Cost
This is the best toy we now own. Every now and then she desires to use a big toy and the Bandit hits the spot. Been looking for a bigger toy that is not hard and bruises her cervix. This looks and feels like the real thing, so much so that she said she thought it was me in her. I'm not near as big as this and she was so turned on that she eventually took the whole thing and thought it was real. My wife said the length is just enough to bottom out and not hurt because the head is soft, the girth is perfect and comfortable for when she wants to be filled, because it has some give like a real penis. We put it in some warm water before use and she loves it. It will retain the temperature the whole time you use it. If you are looking to try a bigger toy and have never had one this big then this toy is as close to real as a toy can get. This is well made and durable. The texture and life like qualities are amazing, it even has some weight to it. We will use it a lot!...
Date Added: 10/08/2015

Jason, Montreal
VixSkin's dildos feel closer to real skin than any other brand I've ever tried. The quality of the silicone is outstanding; it's so soft and realistic, and most importantly doesn't smell like plastic. I highly recommend VixSkin's products to anyone shopping for a dildo and to anyone that isn't... They are absolutely worth every cent....
Date Added: 05/14/2015

real as it gets
I ordered the Bandit for my wife and upon it's arrival she was almost freaked out by how real it felt. You can tell it has a stout inner silicone core with a plush pliable exterior. It's bendable but stiff enough not to be considered floppy by any means. She prefers anatomically average sized toys and though this is a bit thicker than most of her toys she described it as "so real", "filling but comfortable after initial insertion", and "this is the best one I've ever had". The Bandit is not over sized to the point of being scary like some dildos out there and should satisfy the vast majority of women. The only negative mark we'd give it is the scrotum is not on par with the craftsmanship of the dildo, but then again, it had nothing to do with the function of the toy and was only a cosmetic observation. 5 stars all the way. It's worth the money for those of you, like me, who pondered shelling out almost a hundred bucks for a dildo....
Date Added: 04/02/2014