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Pretty Good
Product easy to insert until you reach the base, but that's the fun part. Takes a bit more pressure to push it in all the way because it reaches the p-spot about 1/2" before. With that extra pressure, and once vibrating, it pushes into your p-spot even more, creating a tantalizing experience that your own finger cannot provide (even w/ my long fingers I have trouble reaching the p-spot). This product reaches your p-spot exactly as advertised. It is very easy to clean....
Date Added: 10/10/2016

Buy this Just buy it Don't even try to talk yourself out of it -
Husband was quite impressed. At first, like many reviews stated, insertion was, shall we say, a little hard. He looked like his eyes were going to pop out of his head, some sweating, and me still saying, "it's not all the way in yet..." didn't help the situation. But once it finally popped into position, the look on his face turned to utter bliss. Then I showed him that it vibrated. From a man who has experimented with some anal play with me, owns a Progasam, and isn't bashful around his wife, he sure did let out a good holler! Next thing I know, he is thrashing around, his eyes are rolling around, he is uttering/screaming/crying/laughing all at the same time - pretty sure he explained the cure for cancer and uttered profane statements about goats all in the same instance. It was exciting to watch, and after just a few minutes he was more than spent and very well drained! I think we might have found his prostate with this device - or a very close second - as he was beyond happy with his experience using it. Upon standing - when he finally could - he declared his sinus problems relieved, all joints not hurting, and an overall feeling of amazingness! Definitely worth it!...
Date Added: 09/28/2016

It takes a little time to figure out the best positions for this product but once you do, well, you can imagine what happens next. It's a great product and is easy to manage, etc...
Date Added: 05/17/2014

Great prices!
I thought I made a mistake purchasing this after using it the first time. There's definitely a learning curve and patience is required. Once you figure out how to tighten your muscles and keep yourself on the edge several times before allowing an Orgasm it's very explosive and pleasurable. I usually keep it in for about an hour while teasing myself until I can't wait any longer. You do need to purchase batteries from 3XToys and fortunately I did because I couldn't find N size batteries anywhere locally....
Date Added: 03/30/2014

I was a little worried when i opened it....its way bigger then the rude boy. But my rude boy always slipped out and annoyed me. I lubed this bad boy up and gave it a try. It took a few tries but it slid right in. And i had no issue with the second bump...matter of fact once that popped was like heaven. Just letting it stay there was great...and rocking back and forth was even better. The best part is it didn't slip out like the rude boy. And you don't stop oozing cum...its almost constant. My only issue is removing have to relax and go slow...its not as easy as other toys...that second bump wants to stay put. Very enjoyable....
Date Added: 01/20/2014