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By: Lelo

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Satisfied customer
This is my first lelo toy that i have ever had the pleasure of touching or experiencing, however WOW!! it is awesome the shape of it is just perfect and the different speeds and motions of it are perfect for any females needs. From being soft and gentle to being full on vibration. I have always needed the stimulation of both internal and clitoral however with this toy that was not needed. The lelo mona is perfect in every way.. thanks for making such a fantastic toy .. so for those of you whom are a little worried about this product don't be ... you will never regret buying it ......
Date Added: 04/09/2017

Have enjoyed this vibrator very much.
Fast delivery! As described!
Date Added: 04/09/2017

Does the trick
Delivered as promised, no problems. WOW!!!!! need is say more?! lol
Date Added: 11/30/2016

Delivered as promised, no problems.
Delivered as promised, no problems. WOW!!!!! need is say more?! lol
Date Added: 11/08/2016

This is the first toy I bought, and I'm still figuring out my way around it, but I love the six different rhythms and the ability to change the strength of vibrations on them. It fun to switch between the rhythms. This wide variety of settings allows for a lot of experimentation, and there's a lot to choose from to tailor a session to your individual likes. I usually don't get off on deep stimulation alone, so it took a while with this toy and the orgasm wasn't all that fantastic, but I enjoyed the experimentation and the variety of settings. It'll probably get a lot better as I learn my way around it. Additionally, the material is very pleasant to the touch. I didn't have to use any lube, but that's probably individual. The batteries charged fast and didn't run out on me during the necessarily long first session, even though the device wasn't charging for that long beforehand. It's very quiet, too. (For those interested, the rhythm settings are: 1. continuous vibration; 2. slow "thrusts"; 3. fast "thrusts"; 4. alternating between low and strong; 5. alternating between strong and almost none; 6. an erratic pattern of strong-stronger-strongest, out of any order or sequence, and the strongest made my eyes roll back, I just wish I could turn the device to that strength for all times. Within each rhythm, you can increase the strength of vibrations. Also, nothing actually thrusts anywhere, but the pattern of vibrations creates that sensation.)...
Date Added: 07/05/2014

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