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Evolved NoveltiesEvolved NoveltiesEvolved NoveltiesEvolved NoveltiesEvolved Novelties

Evolved Novelties  Its thanks to big brands like Evolved Novelties that sex toys have expanded and diversified into the wide range you find at top sex shops like 3XToys....

Perfect FitPerfect FitPerfect FitPerfect FitPerfect Fit

Perfect Fit  Perfect Fit was founded in 2011 and have focused their efforts on creating unconventional and very distinct adult sex toys that are sure to pleasure and please. Among their products available at 3XToys, you will find douches, ball stretchers, penis extenders, cock rings and butt plugs.......



SLiquid LubricantsSLiquid LubricantsSLiquid LubricantsSLiquid LubricantsSLiquid Lubricants

SLiquid Lubricants  SLiquid Lubricants Women know just how important safe products are for feminine health. Sliquid uses botanical ingredients in their popular line of lubricants to ensure optimum pleasure without the risk that chemicals can pose. If your skin is particularly sensitive or you suffer from allergies, these products are perfect for you and a large variety can be found at 3XToys. Intensifying your sexual pleasure does not mean that you have to compromise your comfort or health. Use natural products from Sliquid and enjoy every pleasurable moment!......

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