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VixSkin's dildos feel closer to real skin than any other brand I've ever tried. The quality of the silicone is outstanding; it's so soft and realistic, and most importantly doesn't smell like plastic. I highly recommend VixSkin's products to anyone shopping for a dildo and to anyone that isn't... They are absolutely worth every cent....
Date Added: 05/02/2016

Without a doubt, the very best sex toy my wife and I have purchased. The texture, especially when lubricated is very realistic. It actually warms up quickly during use, but immersing in warm water ahead of time, adds a much more natural body temperature feel. My wife's reaction to this toy is instantaneous, and it's a lot of fun to watch. :-) Yes, it's a little more expensive, but trust me, there is no equal....
Date Added: 10/20/2014

I am so glad that I spent the extra money for a Vixskin dildo. First, let me say that this is by far the most realistic looking/feeling dildo I have ever used with my wife. The length and girth on the Bandit is quite large, but not an unrealistic large. The dimensions are in sync with the penis of a very well endowed man. It's not cartoonish in the slightest. I have used it in a male harness on my wife and it has the perfect firmness for thrusting, yet is pliable just like a real penis would be. With just a small amount of water-based lube, the slight "stickiness" of silicone disappears and I swear it's like having a real penis in your hands. The wife loves it....
Date Added: 10/16/2014

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